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Step 1 – Call or Click Here to Get Started

Quit Smoking with Livewell Luton

Ready for a healthier and happier you? Call us on 01582 757 635 or click here to get started.


Our specialist advisors understand your challenges, and we can work with you to start you on a plan that will best suit your needs. Our programmes are tailored to you with both one to one, over the phone or group sessions available.

Step 2 – Health and Wellbeing MOT

Health checks Luton

To kick start your journey, we’ll chat to you about your health and lifestyle in order to create a tailored health plan just for you. This will help us support you with whatever lifestyle change you want to achieve e.g. lose weight, quit smoking, feel healthier.


It begins with a quick phone call where we’ll ask you some questions about your lifestyle. We’ll then invite you in to our clinic to take your height, weight, blood pressure and pulse. This will help us to create a health plan that works for you.


Any health risks from your assessment that we identify, will be referred to your GP for further follow up and this will help us tailor a plan for you.


Don’t forget that all our services are free as they’re provided by Luton Borough Council.

Step 3 –
Work With Us to Build Your Free Tailored Plan

Quit Smoking in Luton

Stop smoking

You are up to four times more likely to quit with one of our trained advisors. We will support you through the hardest part of quitting with tips, advice and nicotine products or other medication on prescription.

Lose weight Luton

Lose weight

Lose weight and feel great with Live Well Luton’s range of free services including Man V Fat, one-to-ones and group sessions. Work with our health coaches who have the specialist knowledge and experience to advise and guide you each step of the way, changing bad habits and showing you how to lose weight for good.

Losing Weight in Luton

Get active

We’ll work with you to see which type of physical activity most suits you to become more active, in partnership with local leisure providers.

Child weight management

Healthy children

Are you worried your child might be above a healthy weight? We offer fun and interactive sessions for children aged 5-15 years to get active and eat healthily. We run educational workshops for families on exercise and healthy eating.

Healthy Eating in Luton

Eat healthily

We hold cook and eat classes throughout Luton showing you, as a group, how to cook healthy, affordable and easy-to-make meals.

Quit Smoking with Livewell Luton

Self help

Keen to quit smoking from home? Our ‘My Quit Luton’ self help quit kits will help you give up smoking from the comfort of your own home. Contact us to order your kit today.