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Shirley Underwood


June 2015       Weight Loss: 13.2kg

We first met Shirley in April at our Stockwood AWM Programme after she was referred by her GP because she was getting upset about her weight.  She always made the sessions entertaining with the humorous contributions to the group discussions.  Through positive changes Shirley continued to lose weight each week.  Shirley felt welcomed by both practitioners and really enjoyed the weekly sessions, “we had a few laughs and made friends with the other ladies”.


Shirley was proud to receive her Completers Certificate and continued on a PHP.  Shirley started a PHP because she was feeling so good she wanted to continue keeping a weekly check on her weight and what she was eating.  Overall Shirley lost 13.2kg going from 110.6kg (17st 6lb) to 91.6kg (14st 6lbs).  Shirley was given some exercises she could do at home and does them three times a day.


“I thank you Dr K, as he is known at my surgery, for introducing me to LWL. But a massive thank you to Claudette and Izzy for what they taught me and encouraged me to do. I thank you both sincerely”.

Iain Warburton


August 2015    Weight Loss: 11.6kg

Iain referred himself for a Personal Health Plan while attending an outreach event and seeing our promotional stall.  With our support Iain lost a stone in weight.


He continued on his weight loss journey and joined our weight management programme at Inspire Sports Village and lost another 12lbs smashing his 5% goal.  Iain said he found the support provided by Live Well Luton extremely helpful.


He felt he was encouraged in his goals rather than dictate to, and everyone was treated the same and not judged.  He said he found the group sessions very nice and friendly where everyone was allowed a voice and opinion.  He found our team very professional and knew he could always contact us if he needed further support.

Graham Crouch


September 2015          Weight Loss: 18.2kg

Graham was referred to Live Well Luton by the Luton Well-being Services, which was the kick start he felt he needed and started a Personal Health Plan, making lots of positive changes to his diet.


He was also very keen to increase his physical activity levels.  Graham also completed our weight management programme at Lea Manor and lost a total of 18.2kg.


Since being a part of Live Well Luton he now attends the gym on most days and also takes part in the ‘Park Run’ at Wardown Park on Saturday morning and is beating his personal bests!  Graham says he would not have done any of this without the free activity pass or our support, he found us to be very friendly and have recommended our services to others.  Graham said he would certainly be keeping all the positive changes he has made.

Dominika Cesarska


September 2015          Weight Loss: 10.0kg

Dominika joined our Lewsey Sports Park AWM programme in July and attended all but one session.  She had just had twin boys and wanted to get back to her pre-baby weight. 


Dominika really enjoyed the programme and always brought a positive attitude with her, it was a real pleasure to see such determination and motivation.  Dominika said our programme should be available everywhere, “if someone needs the support, this is the best place because if I didn’t come here I wouldn’t be able to do it”


Dominika had tried diet after diet and was not getting anywhere, her GP referred her to us and felt that the proper support and knowledge from us helped.  She felt we did a lovely job with help that she appreciated and helped her lose 10.0kg.