What it is like to work at Live Well Luton?
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BLOG: What is it like on work experience at Live Well Luton?

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BLOG: What is it like on work experience at Live Well Luton?

I am Saskia a final year nutrition student. As part of my 3-year course, I am expected to complete 80 hours of work experience. I searched the internet for possible places I could complete my work experience and quickly came across Live Well Luton.


As someone who is possibly interested in working within the public health sector after I have graduated, Live Well Luton seemed like the perfect place to kick off my work experience. Addressing adult and child weight management, people who want to quit smoking and even providing cooking classes, it really seemed to cover all areas that interest me.


I am currently half way through my work experience and have been able to shadow and help on various programmes that Live Well Luton has to offer. I have assisted various adult weight management classes; shadowed a Kingsway Cluster meeting; distributed leaflets for ‘Man v Fat’ Football across Luton; called patients regarding app testing for a new quit smoking app; written a blog on sugar intake for children; provided feedback on the adult weight management programme and shadowed a health and wellbeing assessment.


As you can probably tell from that long list, my work experience has been very varied and I absolutely love it. Some days are mainly office based, other days I have mostly been out and about. I feel like this work experience has offered me a great insight into all that is public health and a realistic view of what I potentially have to look forward to in the future.


The team at Live Well Luton are extremely friendly, supportive and always made sure I felt at “home”. They are constantly thriving to improve, ensuring patients’ wellbeing is put at the centre of everything they do.


During my time here, I have observed that every patient is completely different, and therefore everyone that contacts Live Well Luton requires a completely different approach. Although, this might seem quite simple, this often means staff are faced with different challenges every day. These challenges include providing information considering factors such as a persons’ ethnicity, personal goals, socio-economic background and ability to understand the material provided.


So far, my time at Live Well Luton has been great. I have gained a better understanding of the public health industry and it has further sparked my interest in this area. And, I cannot wait to see what the rest of my work experience brings!

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