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Weight loss classes - Luton

Let us show you how to lose weight for good!

Live Well Luton has a range of free services available beginning with our community health coaches who have the specialist knowledge and experience to advise and guide you each step of the way, changing bad habits and showing you how to lose weight for good.


We offer FREE 10 week courses on healthy eating and how to get active.


Personal health plan starters


Adult weight management starters

Feel great

Improve your heart

Lose weight

How does it work?

Our 10 week programme

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In three easy steps

Free health and wellbeing assessment

Build Your Free Tailored Plan

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Weight loss classes Luton

All our Weight Management Practitioners are degree qualified in Exercise and/or Nutrition

Want to learn some fun, quick and healthy recipes?

Then Cook and Eat is for you

Cook and Eat Luton

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Man V Fat

Ready to take that first step?